Ice Fairies

What would drive a homeless destitute maiden to accept a job at the royal palace to be a national scapegoat? Well for me, I had a plan, and nowhere to go. Avoid the Ice Fairies and make myself as invisible as possible during their midsummer ambassadorial visit. Seemed easy enough, but I didn’t take into account the threats within the royal palace that have nothin’ to do with the Ice Fairies.

Garret, the Ice Fairies’ second-in-command, takes it upon himself to protect me from those threats. Don’t mind me and my opinion of the overly tall handsome shinin’ Fairy, but I think he’s out of his mind. He’s even crazier with the offers he makes me.

Now I have choices to make. But no matter what the decision is, I must change both my assumptions and my plans.

If I don’t, I will not survive their summer visit and beyond.

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